Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Went To The Bathroom With Wellwood and Colaiacovo

Apparently the Flames didn't play tonight. Let's not even discuss it. The NHL has canceled the first game, so it's now a six game series! Go Flames! (Leanne left me a voicemail telling me to not watch the game I recorded, under any circumstances. Thank you!)

I had an interesting time at the Jays game today. Not because of the baseball, which was boring, but the fans. There were a couple guys in Sens jerseys at the game. Drunken Leafs fans yelled obscenities at them that made no sense ("You ****ers have never made it past the first round!" etc). They got ejected.

Another rowdy Detroit Tigers fan was ejected too, for being a douche.

But the best part? Matt Stajan, Kyle Wellwood, Colaiacovo, and Wisniewski were sitting some 10 rows infront of me, right in the first row. They threw the first pitch, too.

One two occasions, drunken fans came down and started verbally assaulting all of the Leafs players for everything under the sun. Eventually the cops came and dragged them away -- but one of the guys was so drunk he started fighting the cop. Was hilarious to see the old men security guards try to help. Lots of cheering ensued.

Later on in the game, I'm at the pisser, I zip up, and Kyle Wellwood is right behind me and takes my urinal. Colaiacovo was in line behind him.

Guys seemed really nice, despite the team they play for. Not that I talked to them or anything (the bathroom is a really bad place for that), but how many people can say they snuck off to the bathrooms with the young Leafs players? Mwahaha.

By the way, I'm totally regretting buying Sunday's game tickets...


  1. Last summer I was at a game at a Jays game at Camden Yards where Tommy Lasorda threw out the first pitch (along with the newest Raven, Steve McNair). At the end of the game I was at the front of the line in the bathroom when Tommy walked in and everybody was cheering and yelling to him. We all let him go next and then he started talking to a bunch of guys at the sinks afterward...

    But I don't think anyone shook his hand...

    I don't think Leaf fans would give up their spots in the bathroom line for the current crop of Leaf players...

  2. "I went to the bathroom with Wellwood and Colaiacovo" is the funniest subject line on a Flames blog this year.

  3. I was totally there, dude. The fights were pretty awesome. It's sad that more fans were getting excited that shitty Leafs were there than for the Jays.