Thursday, April 12, 2007

More goals for the playoffs

So. I had some time to think about more things I wanted to do during the playoffs.

  1. Grin madly when I hear the broadcast tandem use the title of our blog in the course of normal conversation
  2. Take deep breaths
  3. Listen to Peter Maher more when we get Don Wittman and Drew. Screw this whole TV thing with the moving pictures.
  4. Not watch games when the guys don't actually bother flying out to the other city to play
  5. Realize that with the TV off, you can't see what sort of fashion atrocity Playfair is committing
  6. Remember ulcers aren't worth it.
  7. Remind myself that yes, other rinks are allowed to play Ring of Fire, it doesn't necessarily imply a cut direct when the other guys play it. My. Ass.
  8. Keep on reminding all our readers there that just because it's NHL playoff time, doesn't mean they're allowed to ignore that other team in know...the ones with the fantabulous playoff run to date? What are they doing with the lowest attendance all season? Fuck that.
  9. Spend more quality time on the phone with the parents so you can say insightful things, such as "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
  10. Remember my expectations were much much lower not more than oh, three years ago
  11. Work really hard on trying not to cry

Game? What game? Oh, right. That. Read what HG has to say. She said it all.

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