Saturday, April 21, 2007

There is a line, and it has been crossed.

Ladies and gentlemen, today's game was beyond embarrassing. The play is bad enough -- it was just bad hockey. But towards the end of the game, when it descended into goonery, thuggary, and downright unsportsmanlike behaviour, I was completely ashamed of my team.

Langkow's undercut...
McLennan's slash...
Iginla's butt-end...

Shame on you guys, because you have shamed us all.

As far as I'm concerned, the post-season is now over. Sutter has a lot of work to do, and I'm starting to lose my patience with him, too. He should have had the balls and the smarts to dismiss Playfair long ago before we even got to this place. No post would be acceptable without a shot to Playfair, but of course I blame him for this as well. He should've been fired a long, long time ago. The man has no spine, no intelligence, and no career in this league.

I will see you all in 07-08, hopefully on a better note.

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  1. That game was just horrible....I don't even know what to say..what were they thinking?