Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goals for the playoffs

Not them, but me.

  1. Acheive a zen state where games don't make you twitch all day long
  2. Twitch from sheer nerves anyways
  3. Find a way to teach people that you spell him P-H-A-N-E-U-F
  4. Revel in the fact that P-H-A-N-E-U-F gets the competition P-I-S-S-E-D O-F-F
  5. Knit a baby blanket while watching games on TV
  6. Abuse an exercise ball while watching games on TV
  7. Try not to acquire the shape of an exercise ball while watching games on TV
  8. Pull off another liveblog.
  9. More good times with the rest of the Flames blogosphere, Exiled-in-Toronto chapter. Once we have some wins in the bag.
  10. Be more focused on things not hockey during the day
  11. Be amazed life exists outside of hockey during the day
  12. More analysis, less emoting
  13. Oh, what the hell. LOTS more emoting!

Hopefully the boys are much more focused than I am. I can only conclude from overdosing on the last couple days of analysis that all the tools the Flames could want to win are in place. I'm reminded again (and I vaguely remember talking about this in the early days of the blog) that Sutter brought this team together not to win games in the regular season, but to win games in the playoffs. So, into the crucible they go...

In a way, I'm glad we're starting out on the road, which will not have the distractions of the Red Mile, the C of Red, Flames Central, and a fanbase which is so tense about their playoff performance that it hurts. I think the mission for tonight is to come out strong and physical, for the D-men to close ranks around Regehr (who of course will not skate tonight), and to start wearing down the Wings as quickly as possible.

I don't have anything else. I'm going to be ecstatic when the game's started, for the simple reason that it's started. Go Flames.


  1. I'm going to need some emotional support at my place for some of these games on TV. I'm counting on you to hold my head as I cry.

  2. Yeah, but who isn't going to be watching the game tonight, huh? HUH?