Thursday, April 5, 2007

Deja Vu

The Flames must surely realize by now that we're all going to do our best imitations of broken records until they finally get that damn point, we clinch a playoff spot, and then start getting ready for the real games.

I haven't felt all that engaged with hockey this week, and the calm reactions of many, many people I've talked to, in reaction to what was a flat, embarrassing game the other night confirm what I suspect: we're all waiting for them to get on with it. Either that, or we've been too damn busy planning the night we'll all meet each other, slated for later this weekend.

So. Tonight isn't ideal, exactly, to get on with it. San Jose isn't really one of my favourite teams to play when I'm looking for points in a hurry. Their big lines are clicking again, their goalies are getting over the hiccup that was the couple of months after the All-Star game.

But hey, if we're going to get that point? Why not tonight? All in all, tonight should be a good indication of how far we'll go come playoff time. Road game, tough opponent, stuff on the line. Let's see if we can bring it.


  1. Call me crazy, but I think they will bring it tonight. I was a huge fan of their third period against Colorado, and they're going to want to get this done.

  2. i've done the math. we need two points. sure, could be one tonight and one saturday/sunday but it's two. which drives me insane. :(