Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seventh Heaven

If you had told me three weeks ago that yes, we would indeed embark on a six game winning streak, I would have guessed that you were kidding. (And if you told me the Flames would be awesome the same time as the Stampeders are, I'd ask you what you were smoking)

Last night's game was particularly interesting since it marked another occasion where but for the services of the third and fourth lines, we would have been in considerably more trouble. The goals we got for the most part weren't pretty - they were garbage goals for sure. Just look at the number of players who got credit for the first one - Prust, then Primeau, then Nystrom.

And that last shift - wow. I don't think we've played a more exciting minute of hockey this year. And finally we saw some shot blocking. Yay, shot blocking.

Bertuzzi is settling down to become the player I thought we were getting. Iggy is taking a nap after his big week last week.

And a big congratulations to another member of the Flames family. I had heard about this a couple of days ago, but Jim "Bearcat" Murray is all set to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Next to Lanny and Theo, he was certainly one of the big parts of the Flames' early glory days when I was growing up, and figured prominently in one of the funniest stories of the Cup run, potentially garnering a +1 after the LA series.

I can't help but think how far the role of the trainer has advanced since his era; but that is a pile o' musings for another day. Anyways, kudos!

Today we're in Anaheim - we're hot, they're doing better, especially after Getzlaf finally got his root canal. They're rested, we just might see the McE finally start a game. Who knows?

I don't have too many thoughts on this. Check out the Battle of California for awesome intel from the other side for this weekend trip.

What else, what else! Well, October has ended! Which means it's time for a Open Ice Hits Fantasy Update! (No, it is NOT true that I wait till I get into first place before I put this up! Well, not really)

It has been a crazy month, but finally teams are sorting themselves out this year. I'm pleased to say that for once, Dave does NOT suck, and that yet again, I'm burning through games like crazy.

  1. The Naughty Nilsons (me)
  2. Steel Thunder(ST)
  3. The Pantless Pirates (Dave!)
  4. Flaming C (the mysterious Paul-Marc)
  5. Wasilla Meth-Heads (Dave's brother. Hi, Adrian!)
  6. Bancouber Pucks (Marcel)
  7. Retired Warreners (MG Kent W)
  8. FB Craig Conroys (Duncan)
  9. screaming dobermans (WI)

Stay tuned next month for our next update! (Though yes, we'll blog again before then. It's not our fault life is crazy)


  1. you TOTALLY waited till i hit the basement to post this one, hunh ???? i spent ten days in deadmonton and dropped a lot....

    if you told me the Flames would be awesome the same time as the Stampeders are, I'd ask you what you were smoking

    wasn't that whole SOS (Save Our Stamps) thing in '89 ??? god help us flames fans... the stamps are looking poised.

    as for bearcat (bless'im), one of my favorite 89 highlights is him pumping his arms in the air, walking on the bench after the boys put it away in montreal.... ahhhhh !!!!

    what exactly is a bearcat, anyways ???

  2. note: SOS was in 1986. but the point remains....

  3. Apparently hitthepost should have put its heads together on one team instead of blowing it on two.

  4. you TOTALLY waited till i hit the basement to post this one, hunh ????

    Well, the complaint has always been that I wait till I rocket to the top. Duncan did a number on you last night.

    Heh. Dunno... the trash talking between me and Dave is pretty intense.

  5. no but seriously.

    WTF is a BEARCAT !!?!?



  7. I never meant to be mysterious. I had to abandon my Flames blog after a very short run when I got a promotion last year that led to too many 12-hour work days. Plus living in Gatineau I am not au currant on Flames news. See how much that changes when I move to The Bahamas in January. - paul-marc

  8. Paul-Marc! You're real! :)

    No worries, we know what it's like to cheer for the Flames from afar. It's more or less why we have a blog, too. We also know all about working too much for too long...

    Moving to the Bahamas huh? In January? Well... life's just hard sometimes, isn't it? :)