Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Phoenix is such a depressing team

I haven't been able to actually watch any of the recent Flames games, for a variety reasons ranging from being just plain busy to business trips to the surprising hockey void of New York City. Three teams and sixty channels in my hotel, and not a single clip of hockey. They are not worthy. I'll have to suffer that again next week. NHL.com needs to provide their Centre Ice Online/GameCentral service on a daily basis, that would be perfect. Or if I subscribe to NHL Centre Ice, I should get the online service included. I feel ripped off. Anyway...

What I have been able to do is look at the numbers, the statistics, and read the feedback of other bloggers. And I hear good things. And I see good numbers. Even the game against Anaheim, the feedback I've heard were the players were tired but still played well. Kipper looks Kipper-like. Good things, good times. The bandwagon is filling up again and people are happy. Who wouldn't be, after a 6W streak?

The season is very young, but it is much more promising now than it was a week ago. If you had told me a month ago Bertuzzi was playing as he is right now, I'd have kicked you in the nuts and called you a moron. I don't even hate the guy anymore, but I'm a softie like that. If you wear the Flames jersey and you put out, you're my best friend. That's been the highlight of the season thus far for me. I really, really love our powerplay with Cammalleri, Bertuzzi, Iginla, and Phaneuf. They're all good physical players and can create some havoc, my prediction is the Flames' powerplay will ultimately end up in the top ten. No longer will I sigh and cringe when we get a powerplay.

I was all excited to watch hockey again tonight, until I discovered we were playing Phoenix. It's such a depressing team, it really is. Full of awful European players and a couple washed up Canadian ones (I still do like Shane Doan, but I feel bad for him now), all in the most boring colour scheme imaginable with a pedestrian logo that looks more suitable for a childrens' basketball team than a professional hockey team. No one cares about Phoenix, not even most of their players. Someone needs to end that team's suffering, not to mention the pain it causes all of their opponents for having to face Phoenix. It doesn't even make sense to play hockey in Phoenix. Snowbirds aren't the best hockey fans.

I'll multitask tonight -- watching the election results and the game. But both will be pretty predictable -- an Obama-Flames win tonight against opponents from Arizona that no one really cares about. Do you think McCain even knows his state has a hockey team?

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