Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's going to be a long November, but there's reason to believe...

I never thought I'd miss the days we won 1-0 and 2-1 games, but I do.  I've tried to think of reasons why Kiprusoff is a sieve 90% of the time and our defense doesn't practice sound defense.  I really have nothing conclusive, except maybe Jimmy Playfair, my favourite scapegoat.  I'm starting to side with those who think Keenan should go -- I'm currently somewhere in the middle.  I wouldn't be sad nor happy to see Keenan go, but if we don't turn the ship around soon I will be on the "time to take a hike again, Mike" side of the camp.  I really, really want a Sutter behind the bench.

I actually think, in an ideal world, Sutter would step down as GM and step back behind the bench.  I think his utility as GM is waning but his utility as coach is pretty much undeniable.  I'm not even going to speculate who would take the GM seat, because it'll never happen.  But a man can dream...

I feel very fortunate that I have not been able to watch the last several Flames games.  That's a very sad thing to say, but this team is making me very sad with their play (look at me, busting rhymes).  It's still early, still time to start some good habits, but I'm not very encouraged.  By all means, stay on this bandwagon...but just keep your hopes realistic.  Mine are perhaps a bit pessimistic right now.

In honour of the newest word of the English language: Meh.

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