Saturday, November 29, 2008

Score on That Ginger (Punjabi Edition)

First off, we now have an alternative to Marc Crawford when he does the HNIC games.

Second off, Corey Schneider was pretty impressive for a red-head. It's heart-warming when people don't let disabiliites get in their way of accomplishing their life goals. Kudos to him. *kick*

Third off, can we petition to have Mason Raymond's jersey to have "Mason-Raymond" on the back? Maybe "M Raymond". For whatever reason, Jim Hughson can only say his name as a grouping, as if there's another Raymond we may be confusing him with. Something that just annoys me. Drinking game potential, though tonight it was some scotch so that's quite expensive...

Fourth off, what should be done with the Wellwood, the tubby little cheating bastard? How can no one catch this at the game? Does he not understand the concept of the hashmarks? The league needs to look at this.

Finally, it's interesting that this team can't beat Vancouver at the start of the season when they lost against every other team...but when Vancouver is one of the hottest teams int he league we beat them twice in a row pretty convincingly. The world works in mysterious ways.

1 comment:

  1. negrin is a redhead.
    so i'm not gonna be the one to diss the future.

    mason-raymond seems like a good idea to me.

    it was really enjoyable to not have crawford whining the flames into a victory tonight. i think i would honestly prefer punjabi, if necessary. i've also talked at length with my AV nerd roommate about how to sync up the fan 960 with the tv feed....