Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Beast, It Is Slain

Second ago, the Flames finally defeated the evil Vancouver Canucks for the very first time this season. It's about time, I think. It was officially "a gooder". Some brief notes:

  • Glencross: What a machine! The chuckwagon racing has done him good. I don't see what else it could be, what a terrific signing. My hate for him last year is directly proportional to my love for him this year.
  • Lombardi: He has been impressive tonight, in that he's been able to engage stealth mode and stay off the scoresheet while his linemates rack up the points.
  • Kiprusoff: He looked like a starting goaltender.
  • Iginla: Looked impressive, loved the pass on Cammalleri's 2nd goal. Perfect.
  • Langkow: He got 2 assists and I didn't actually notice him too much, but obviously he was doing a lot of things right.
  • Keenan: M-mi-mix-mix-mixmaster Mike is at it again. Keeps me on my toes, I suppose, but I still don't like it.

But it's not over yet. Time to kick the puppy while it's down, and enjoy doing it.

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