Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family and Friends

Of historical relevance tonight — Calgary RW David Moss and Boston RW Phil Kessel skate against each other for the first time in the NHL. The two are first cousins — their mothers are sisters.

The two had dinner last night, and are ready to go head to head.

The Bruins are one of the teams in the league I have the warm-fuzzies for. Not really because they're resurgent after a long time in the dumps, or because of that cutsey wacky mismanagement (who mispaints the faceoff dots on their ice? who??). No, it's basically because over the years, some of my favourite ex-Flames have ended up there.

This is a shot we took just before a game in Buffalo once upon a time; barring the fact that it was the night I ran into maybe the worst meatloaf I've ever ingested in my life, it was also the last game Andrew Ference and Chuck Kobasew spent in Flames silks.

Sadly, Kobasew is injured, but Ference hasn't been back to play in the 'Dome ever since. While arguably Kobasew has been pretty replaceable by the Boyds and Mosses of the world, I think Ference's brains have been sadly missed in the locker room and on the defense.

And let's not forget ol'Sandbox. Yelle signed over the offseason with Boston; while he's slowed down noticeably in the last season or two, can't forget the time he played here, sacrificing his body for the game. It was really telling looking at the blocked shots column for the Colorado game the other night; while we managed to block a whole 4 shots, Colorado blocked 21 shots.

Sigh. Defense-first, right.

Anyways! Should be a gooder. Provided we can get a goal past Tim Thomas, heh.


  1. Andy!

    And thanks to the whole "maybe there'll be a Game 6 in the World Series" scenario and time-shifting, the game is on my TV!

  2. Oooo, sneaky!

    I just wish this year's Sportsnet crew did not suck that much. I'm already tired when I get home, I don't need the hint to pass out in front of the tv...