Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Game day: Preds

Yup, I'm sure most people barely noticed we have a game tonight. For some reason or another... Yes, it's good news. I'll breathe easier (or start hyperventilating, whichever comes more naturally) once I have a better idea what's in store for the rest of the team. The newly reno'd version of nhlnumbers.com (great job, guys), shows pretty clearly that we aren't over the tough spot yet...

Given I spent the last one mewling in pain (I had a flu-induced headache, had nothing to do with the blown lead, really...), I've been looking forward to this tilt for a bit.

The Preds have been easy prey lately. Mason hasn't looked like the starter material he did last year - in fact, Dan Ellis has started the last couple of games for them. They've got some key injuries in Steve Sullivan and Shea Weber (believe me, we're in much better shape with only Primeau in sick bay). It's definitely interesting times for the team though - it's got to be tough to be put in the spot where everybody is interested in the team, but certainly not for its performance...

Chalk up another win for us...I'm hoping now that those so-distracting contract talks are over, we'll be treated to a preview of in-the-zone-Kipper. Even if it isn't quite November yet.


  1. The newly reno'd version of nhlnumbers.com (great job, guys)

    Thanks. We're going to try to add some more features going forward.

    Word is, Nilson is injured now too, so expect to see Eric Im-25-and-still-a-prospect Nystrom playing with Lombardi and Moss tonight (poor Lombardi).

    Assuming Ellis is in net, I have added incentive to hope for a Flames blow-out: I took Mason in 2 of the 3 pools Im in. So I REALLY need him to re-capture the #1 spot.

  2. Wasn't Nystrom bumped back to Quad Cities?

    And yeah, unfortunately, the way Conroy and Langkow have been playing lately means there isn't much in the way of opportunity for Lombardi right now.

  3. Its too bad we haven't really had a chance to check a Nashville game out so far this season... I wonder what a game between the Predators and the Flames would look like...

  4. welp. It's good to see someone I respect in the West having some success. My own team is depressing me so much, I've hit up 2 Kings games in a month!!! Both of them, btw, being WINS for the KINGS.

    Kind of burns my arse. *sigh*

    And everytime I think of Shea Weber, I think of him getting KO'd by Travis Moen on a blind swing. Funny stuff.

    I dropped Mason in my fantasy team after the first two weeks... it's all the drama dealing w/ the owners and if they're staying or going that made me think: yeah, they're probably going to have it pretty rough this year.

    Congrats on the Kipper re-signing! Yay for more flame-heads... (I'm not one, but I like Kipper's reddish hair... and I kind of miss watching Getzzy and Dion go at it.)

  5. Welcome, Finny!

    Setoguchi looked just fine... good on another Alberta kid. Things will be better...

    See also: "The bad years" in Calgary