Wednesday, October 24, 2007


(Or my theory about what happened last game. Somebody must've been "celebrating" Nolan's 1000th game early... )

Sooo...Minnesota tonight. Not too many expectations here - after all, Minnesota's played strong all season, and haven't lost yet. And the game's not anywhere I can watch it. We did stink to high heaven last game. I'm not sure what it was, but the Sharks had a much easier time of the Flames Monday than when I saw them play during the pre-season. And that's all I'm saying about that.

Anyways! McElhinney's out in Quad Cities, Keetley's back in town. I suspect they want to give McElhinney actual ice time which was a bit nicer than the other night so he can properly work his lower body (Note: Also a useful term when you can't remember which body part is broken).

I do expect Calgary to come back strong, even if they have not been put through the bag skate. They are professionals, after all.

Count on a low-scoring game. I expect we'll be pretty stingy for once, and Minnesota always is.



    That was a goalfest. Go Flames Go!

    (I remember when we used to win 1-0 games. )

  2. I was very unimpressed with the first period (so much so that I decided to tape the rest of the game so my brother could watch last night's House) and then resumed the game afterwards...

    Maybe I should stop watching all bad games and throw something else on in the middle...

    That Minnesota play-by-play guy seems unable to believe that a shot could get past Backstrom without being deflected in some way...

    He was such a homer it was annoying...

    Of course, that could just be because I'm a Flames fan... ;D

  3. We watched some baseball while listening to the play by play on the ol' AM radio... trust me, that was low-scoring ;)