Monday, October 22, 2007

Disclaimer: I've only seen the 2nd period

And the third has not yet happened. But "HOLY MACKINAW", what the hell was that. Is Edmonton contagious? Abysmal. Can't clear the puck out of the zone on EV play, brutal penalty killing and powerplays, miscued pucks all over...I can't even watch this crap. This is a team that's night and day different from what we saw Saturday night, its not even the quality of the opposition that is mattering...the players themselves just can't touch the puck without it careening to an opposing player or skipping over their stick.

I'm also somewhat stunned to see Kiprusoff pulled after a goal he couldn't even see. I know he wasn't pulled for being Cloutier (he was actually pretty good tonight), it was to "shake up the team" or "rest Kiprusoff", but I'm also not convinced the best way to break in a rookie goaltender in the NHL is to throw him to the wolves as was done here. And Nilson on the powerplay? I'm not sure I agree. If things aren't working, the last thing I think should be done is put people on special teams they're simply not good at. It's a sure-fire way not to improve.

There could be some miracle. Some tear-jerking, emotional, bone-rattling speech in the locker room that results in a 3rd period Flames team ready to kick some ass and take some names. But at this point, I'm not very confident. Neither are the Flames.

On the plus side, I thought Sarich and Aucoin (and Hale?) were very good from what I've seen.
On the minus side, (insert everything else here).


  1. Well...unlike last time we pulled a goalie, McElhinney is unlikely to draw a five-game suspension out of the deal. He's already lasted, what, five minutes?

  2. I've only seen the first so far, so I'll have to get back to you with my comments on this column later... ; )

    I have a running commentary that I'll post on my blog tonight (probably), but I have to get through the rest of the game first...

  3. Terrible game. Almost no one with a Flames jersey had their head in it. Didn't help to have a goal and an Iginla break away called back in the first.

  4. Sarich easily had the best night for the Flames against San Jose... but that's not really saying much...