Monday, July 2, 2007

I remember a time where we were short on centres


Who is going? Who is staying? What are we getting?

Let's have some late-night fun with these questions:

Primeau: Seeing as he just signed a new contract, I'd reckon he's staying. (Projected: 4th line)
Nolan: Seeing as he just signed a new contract, I'd reckon he's staying. (Projected: 3rd line) [Edit: He's a RW, not traditionally a centre. My bad.]

That leaves us with two more starting centers to place, and four players: Conroy, Langkow, Lombardi, Yelle.

Lombardi: I have to believe he's staying, because I love him. The other part of me thinks he's probably going to be traded. Lombardi was never really a Sutter type of player...and he's certainly not a Keenan type of player. Plus after the Conroy acquisition he's sort of been the odd man out. [Edit: Seeing as Nolan's not really a centre, I say Lombardi stays.]

Yelle: I love the guy, but I think Primeau's liable to replace him, seeing as he's younger, potentially more durable. A lot of teams could use Yelle's PK expertise and leadership, so he may be moved. My prediction is he is going to be moved this summer.

Langkow: He's going to stay. (Projected: 1st line)
Conroy: He's going to stay. (Projected: 2nd line)

Now, I'm well aware Primeau is also listed as a potentially one of these guys can stay for 5 centres. But 6? There's no way. Expect a trade.


  1. Nolan isn't traditionally a center.

  2. Ahhhh, RW. Why did I have it in my head he was a centre...

  3. personally, i think conroy would be the odd man out. sutter LOVES yelle, and he'd be an idiot to trade lombardi or langkow (at this point, anyways). with all the Cs comin' up from the farm (notably: taratukhin, boyd and daniel ryder, along van der gulik who ended at a staggering +27 last year), i would think somebody's gonna get dealt, and others will probably move to the wing...