Friday, July 20, 2007

The Dog Days of Summer

Ick, it's that part of summer which makes it feel like hockey will never come back.

So here's a couple of items which have caught my attention lately:

  • WI's posts about the prospects camp.
  • A couple of re-signings, here and there. Are you celebrating, WI? Are you???
  • Chris Clark's contract renewal. One of the ex-Flames out there who I find it impossible to hate on. Good on him for his awesome Ovechkin-juiced year.
  • Andrew Ference's summer vacation: Another ex-Flame I find impossible to hate. Less for his on-ice play, but more and more for the man he is off the ice.

(Don't any current members of the Flames roster do anything interesting?)

I don't really have anything deep to say - at this point the offseason seems a long, long ways off.

Oh. Keep an eye on Duncan's fantastic series about the competition. Some good stuff there.


  1. Good for Chris Clark getting that big contract, but he should really hand over half of it to Ovechkin. I liked him, but I could score 35 points playing on that line.

    Thanks for the throw to The Competition. I'm off to write about the Wild.

  2. oh yes i AM celebrating !!! i wonder if tomi mäki knows that i'm his biggest supporter. at the suggestion/request of duncan, i have been looking for some pics to post, and i find when i google #57, a lot of my own stuff comes up...