Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bye-bye Stuart | Hello Incompetent Whiners

Dear Brad Stuart,

Goodbye. It's as if I hardly knew you at all.


So, how 'bout that Lowe? What is it about Edmonton that players simply want no part of? Is it the weather? Is it the media? Is it the fans? Is it the coach? Is it the GM? Maybe it's all of the above.

The GM is making a case for being a top reason for staying away these days. Kevin Lowe and his brainiac counterparts in the Oilers organization seem to think that even with the contract left unsigned, it is binding. Nylander got a better offer (read: a city other than Edmonton) before he signed the real Edmonton contract, so he signed elsewhere (read: "I'd rather play in the US city with the highest crime rate and a bottom-feeding team than play in Edmonton").

Now the Oilers are throwing a very public tantrum. "But you said I could have him! No fair!! I'm telling Bettman!"

But hey, who needs Nylander when you signed Raffi Torres to a 3-year contract?

Glory be to the Oilers.


  1. I think the "Ovechkin" factor also came into play: Nylander's used to having a top-flight winger pumping up his assist totals after his stay on Broadway.

    Doesn't make the Oilers any less of a gong-show, however.

  2. Ouch, this Caps fan is wincing:)

  3. Aw...

    Shmee, as much as we love him, we had Chris Clark for years (as an example). You can't deny Ovechkin helped him juice up his stats like crazy.

    (Yes, more minutes and more responsibility helped too. But a lot of it is Ovechkin...)

  4. This is true. I must admit that there a couple guys who hit 25 goals last year when their previous high was 11.