Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Open Ice Hits Olympics: Triathalon

So the triathalon last night was one hell of a race. Fantastic finish, though I was more bemused by the comedic value of having Simon Whitfield chased to the finish line by a huge German guy. It was just... funny. Even if said German guy passed him and won.

Gutsy performance, however, and it really was the kind of inspiring action that I think we all watch the Olympics (and sports in general) hoping to glimpse.

After Matt Fenwick linked to Simon Whitfield's blog, I couldn't help but spend a while procrastinating by perusing it for a while.

And! Found gold. Turns out that Andrew Ference is a pretty good friend of Simon Whitfield (see his brief cameo in the vid here).

Trawling through the site even more, it seems that Ference has started to use triathalon as some of his summer training, with the encouragement of Whitfield.

All our readers will know that we're big fans of the A-fence here. Has his head screwed on right, does cool things with his free time, isn't terrible on the ice anymore, and oh, has a contract that comes with a steal of a cap hit.

Really tellingly, his buddy Whitfield quotes this about him:

On TSN's Off The Record Michael Landsberg asked the GM of the Bruins what was one of the most important moves he'd made in the last couple years and he answered "bringing in Andrew Ference because he brought so much character to our team".

Sigh, I miss the guy.

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