Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Open Ice Fantasy: 08-09

I'll be hosting another Yahoo Fantasy Hockey season this year, and I'd like to invite everyone to join. Fun times, low maintenance (unless you want to do a lot of research...), and free. Newbies welcome.

I'll just keep the same settings as last year, unless people would like to discuss some changes:

Type will be Rotisserie.

Positions: C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, Util, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR
Stat categories: G, A, +/-, PPG, PPA, SHG, GWG, W, GA, SHO

Those are all up for negotiation until the draft starts. Speaking of the draft...last year I was blessed with lots of free time by the nature of my work schedule. This year, I've got anything but free time. So I won't be able to do the email-chain draft...I'm thinking a live draft is the best approach. For the uninitiated, a live draft on Yahoo involves a Java applet where everyone meets at a given time and drafts players. The applet keeps track of available players and even ranks them quasi-intelligently (you can also pre-rank your own wanted players before the draft). This usually takes an hour or so...

If you're interested, please reply to this post. Once Yahoo actually decides to permit registrations, I'll set us up. Please also indicate if there's any time periods where you'll absolutely be unavailable for a draft (vacation times, surgeries, Iditarod, NHL training camps, etc) so we can block that out when generating a list of proposed times.


  1. Cool.

    You can surrender to my inevitably more-awesome team any time you want.

  2. I'm interested; I'd rather play against a blogger that I've read than totally anonymous people.

  3. OK, I'll bite again this year, and will try harder, too!

  4. Im interested, but Im not even sure I'll have time this year. Im writing for like 3 different websites, taking part in a keeper league and might be coaching as well. Then there's this pesky day-job that keeps getting in the way.

  5. Let me know when the draft is and such and I'll try get in this year.

  6. I'll play again. I might even pick Lombardi once more.
    Flaming C

  7. i'm not a huge fan of this type of pool ---preferring a points only system--- but i'll give it a go cause i felt like i was missing out last season...

    and, hey leanne !!!! how come you're not piping in on your favorite flame getting dicked around ???

  8. I'm back in...

    Now that my ridiculously busy summer is over (and since they just started blocking facebook here at work), I can be a more active in the online hockey community again...

    I might even finish off all of the posts that I've accumulated in my draft folder...