Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"That's appetizer"

Well, one afternoon into the annual free-agent signing rush, and I am increasingly pleased the Flames have stayed out of it.

Brian Campbell?

Jeff Finger?
Mike Commodore?

Pure ridiculousness.

On the Calgary front, I'm not displeased to see Cujo and Godard go; that said, we do need a player not named "Iginla" or "Phaneuf" to fight fights next year. And while they haven't been out and out shooed out of town yet, can't disagree with what's happening with Warrener and Eriksson.

Nilson, on the other hand, that's a WHOLE 'nother matter.

On the whole Tanguay/Cammalleri draft day tangle, we've stayed fairly silent here; I'm still waiting to see what happens with the cap savings before I deliver a final verdict of any sort. It's unlikely the team this year will be as good as it was in previous recent years, but... I need to see how bad the damage is.

So what's next? Well... I guess we get to see what happens to Huselius etc etc. And, we could use something to shore up those first two lines.

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  1. We still have Vandermeer, who seemed to take over the fighting role from Godard anyway (and didn't do too poorly), and is actually somewhat useful while the clock is running...

    I like that we've saved some money in terms of Tanguay for Cammalleri and seeing Juice sign for 4.75 a season in Columbus makes me feel a little more confident that we don't need him back for that much (as fun as he is to watch in the opposing zone)...

    But yeah, we could certainly use another player or two for the front lines. I'm just hopeful that Darryl can pick up somebody on the cheap that actually works out...