Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Looking backwards

Fresh from the Herald's website: because he was teh awesome last time.

Honestly, as conflicted as I am about the Bertuzzi pickup (numbers make sense, hockey-wise, it's questionable, emotionally, NO, NO, NO!), this seems so much worse. Like we're gunning for death by mediocrity.

My summary of the last couple of weeks?



  1. If Marcus Nilson takes Lundmark under his wing, he just might be the next Flames all-star.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, the Wild did pretty much jack shit all off season besides get rid of players.

  3. What a stupid ass piece of shit blog. Complete and total waste of time and internet space. This crap is a perfect example of why women should not write about sports ... they know shit about them.

    Time to get back in the kitchen bitch.

    Leave the blogging to the MEN who know how to do it:

  4. Hey bud, thanks for figuring out teh internets and finding this site. If you'd like I can provide tutoring in the subjects of grammar and hyperlinking. These are areas that need some work in your post.

    I would visit your blog to read what I'm sure will be boundless insight and high-brow humour, but unfortunately -- being a man -- I find myself too lazy to copy and paste your blog address to the URL bar of my browser.

    Best of luck in figuring out the rest of teh internets,

  5. Dammit, Dave! I was looking forward to a vacation too, you slavedriver, you.