Thursday, August 30, 2007

Home renovations

Oh, bear with me, and let me blither.

I've spent most of this month moving from out east back to Calgary, so I actually haven't worked worked in front of a computer for the last three weeks or so. But I got bored with unpacking, so I decided to gnaw away at something Dave and I have been planning for some time.

I'm testing out a new format for our soon-to-be-expanded blogroll...if you asked us to link to you and we've mysteriously disappeared you, try clicking on random stuff in the sidebar.

Feedback welcome.

Oh. Hockey? Well...I tried to get tickets for the unveiling of the new jersey on Tuesday, but they were gone before I got there. Also wishing that Brandon Sutter was the one we'd managed to draft, instead of his two other cousins.


  1. Nicely done, Leanne! We need to find a "+" icon or other twisty indicator to make it obvious that they're clickable and not just null. I can do that at some point. ;)

  2. I thought changing the text-decoration on the hover was a good enough indicator that the headings are's all personal preference, I guess.

  3. Yeah, but you have to mouseover to discover it. As Dr. James Tam would say, the "discoverability" is poor. ;)

    It looks like the rest of the headings, which aren't clickable, so the user would not expect to find it clickable.