Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fantasy Hockey Is Here

Due to feedback from the last post, this new league will be Points style (unless people really want Rotisserie). But what we need to do is decide on a bunch of settings. I'd love for everyone's feedback on the following:

Max Moves: No max (max roster moves in the season)
Max Trades: No max (max trades in the season)
Trade deadline: n/a
Post-Draft Players: Follow waiver rules
Roster Changes: Daily (take effect next day) [other option is Weekly]
Min. Goalie Games per Week: 3 (# of games your goalies must play each week)

Center/C: 2
Left Wing/LW: 2
Right Wing/RW: 2
Defense/D: 4
Utility: 1 (this can be any player)
Goalie: 2
Injured Reserve/IR: 1
Bench: 4

Goals: 6 points
Assists: 3 points
+/-: 2 points
Powerplay Goal: 2 points (in addition to goal's 6 points)
Powerplay Assist: 1 point (in addition to assist's 3 points)
Shorthanded Goal: 6 points (in addition to goal's 6 points)

Goalie win: 15 points
Shutout: 10 points (on top of 15 point goalie win)
Goals against: -2 points per goal

Please note: This is my first time setting up a points league, so I'm in no way offended by changes or any kind of suggestions. They're more difficult to set up than head to head. Feel free to make 'em.

The draft will be done manually. I'll email people, as discussed in the last one. Livedrafts are impractical for many of us.

To join! (and yes, settings can be changed anytime before the season starts) Go here: http://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/register/joinprivateleague_league_select?.scrumb=

The league ID is 6571.
The password to join is "berube", the best Flame of all time.


  1. I'm good to go...

    And the only reason I noticed it this morning is because I'm in a number of other pools...

  2. If it's points style how can a goalie 'win' categories in a given week?

  3. Hmm. They can't -- that comment was a holdover from a head-to-head league explanation.

  4. Only a minor quibble, but I think +/- might we weighted too heavily @ 2 points. Not a big deal though...

  5. Hmm. I think you're right. Maybe knock it down to 1 point?