Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh, it is on.

Did this catch anyone else's eye this morning?

Personally, I'm not too excited about the Sens, but that's just because they don't play in the Western Conference. They do deserve props for being another team that's going all the way. And am I hallucinating when I take extra note of the fact that the three Canadian teams to have gone all the way recently are all classified as small-market?

Anyways. We can't have them think every hockey fan in Toronto pulls for the Buds. And while I don't have a death wish, people have wondered before. So I'm going to have to rally the Toronto Chapter of the Flames blogosphere, for some Cup final goodness. We'll prop up some empty chairs for any Calgary-or-elsewhere-based bloggers who want to be there in spirit. And cheer for the Sens or no, I don't really care...I still need to see who comes out of the West.

Drop me a line once the schedule for the last round comes up to let me know what your availability is... we should also pick a bar and whatnot. I guess.


  1. unless my pal strombo makes good on his wishy-washy mumblings of "driving to a game," i'll be presumeably available (and in toronto) for either/both of games 3 & 4.

  2. I think I could do game 2, possibly game 3 (although I have a hockey tournament that day), and game 5 so far...

    I have hockey on Mondays, so I can't do games 1 or 4...

    I probably could do game 3, although I would most likely have been drinking all afternoon so I probably wouldn't be in the best shape...

  3. I'm good for Game 3 as well, as long as it's not at Shoeless Joe's.

  4. Pick a bar, Duncan... (yay! You're alive!)

    And we'll make a tentative date for Game 3, sound good?

  5. i'm in for a tentative date: game 3. the sheaf ?

  6. Game 3 sounds like it would probably be do-able...

    If I can still stand at that point...

    Well, enough to get into the bar anyway...

  7. Er. There shouldn't be a "You need to be this tall to go on the ride" sign there... ;)

    Saturday, Wheat Sheaf it is!

    Remember all games start at 8