Monday, April 13, 2009

Screw this, I'm going on vacation.

Really, hockey gods?

Three Canadians out of six make it into the playoffs this year, and you can't even put Calgary vs Chicago on Hockey Night in Canada?

Well, this bodes entirely well.


  1. I'm actually thrilled about this. Think about it: We're going to get either Gord Miller or Chris Cuthbert, along with either Pierre McGuire or Ray Ferraro, any combination of which is about a billion times better than Mark and Marc. TSN's production quality is also better. At this point, the only thing the CBC has going for it is Elliotte Friedman's interviews.

  2. Yeah, it's actually not that bad. Just... I don't feel like they're showcasing what should be a really good series.

    For one, Chicago is a terrific young team...

    Er. Yeah!

  3. and by "good series" you mean for chicago fans, right ? i'm feeling a legendary dismantling of the flames upcoming. but we all know i'm a pessimist.

  4. I'm thinking of the last time we played Chicago in the playoffs, and thinking everything old is new again.

  5. I suspect this has something to do with the new broadcast deal with TSN. I think CBC got to pick the first two series they wanted and I assume they picked MTL and VAN and then TSN got to pick the next two they wanted and CGY was one of them. The ratings in Canada for a canadian team must be off the chart and I don't see anything wrong with CBC taking the game with west coast starts that will be easier to schedule in the double headers plus in a bigger market.


  6. Yep. It was decided by a lottery.

    Round 1 was the following order in terms of networks' choices: 1) CBC
    2) CBC
    3) TSN
    4) CBC
    5) TSN
    6) CBC
    7) TSN
    8) TSN

    Round 2 is different:
    1) CBC
    2) CBC
    3) TSN
    4) TSN