Sunday, April 6, 2008

Open Ice Fantasy: The Results

Another regular season in the NHL has come and gone, and the inaugural season of the Open Ice Fantasy Hockey League has also come to a close.

Leanne did her best to emulate the Canucks in exploding spectacularly down the stretch. She wins the first annual "Too Many Men" award for her "to hell with the max games, I'm going for it!" attitude. I made a late season charge that had more to do with people running out of games and me stealing points from them than anything else.

Without further ado, our results:

1st place: The Pant Weasels (my brother): 54.50 pts
2nd place: Completely Hammered (ST): 47 pts
3rd place: Woolly Brained (Leanne): 43 pts
4th place: The Hopelesses (MG): 40.50 pts
5th place: The Pantless Pirates (me): 32.50 pts
6th place: Flaming C (Paul-Marc): 31.50 pts
7th place: Craig Conroys (Duncan): 31 pts

Congratulations to all! We'll have to do this again next year (I think I'll be "The Pantless Pirates Want Revenge!"?)


  1. Hmmm, I just couldn't seem to catch your brother, but I knew that 2nd was easily within my grasp once the two immediately ahead of me ran out of games... lol

    Good season, even though silver does not taste as good as gold... ;D

  2. That was Young Guns era Duncan drafting this year, apparently.