Friday, September 28, 2007

Wouldn't it be cool...

What kind of world is this? The Oilers have a winning pre-season record, the Flames have a decidedly AWFUL losing record (worst in the league, I believe). Yes, yes, it's only pre-season. And next week, it'll be "yes, yes, it's only October".

But damn, kids, what the hell? What. The. Hell. What I would give for a team that didn't suck in the first, oh, 25% of the season...

I have to say, my faith in Iron Mike was wobbly to begin with and he is not earning my confidence. Call me a pessimist, but I'm wondering how a team with so much talent can be so decidedly blah -- against teams like Edmonton, even.



  1. No! No! You're starting to sound like a Leafer calling int to he Fan 590. Now, if this is the record after seven regular season games, it's time to be pissed.

  2. The Flames still look like the team we knew in April: finding a way to lose. Whatever culture was inculcated by Playfair still dominates.

    Give Keenan time to institute change and the news guys time to to gel.

    Still, I share your frustration.

  3. proof that MG is smarter than the rest of us:

    i think the things that keenan has said/done thusfar have all made a shitload of sense; initially observational and currently militaristic.... i can only presume that similar success to what we experienced under sutter MUST be forthcoming, and that the 'culture' we experienced under playfair will eventually ebb.

    but yeah. it sucks. ;)

  4. As someone who has a natural tendency to throw rather large words into conversations without even realizing it, even I was thrown aback when I saw that...


    I'm going to see if I can throw that into my everyday vocabulary and see what kind of looks I get...

    There is a chance that maybe Keenan has an idea of what he wants to do and decided to use the time between the final preseason game and the season opener against the Flyers to get the team where he wants it, outside of the eye of the other teams in the league...

    At least that's what I'm hoping...

    Flames come out firing on all cylinders on Thursday night...

  5. Please, all...just make sure your use of inculcated is entirely apposite.


  6. Hang in there guys, under the guidance of Iron Mike and the summary demolition of Cowboys, the flames will emerge with a winning record.

    Actually, I blame the pre season on the dismantling of Cowboys, Dion, Kipper and Co. were all depressed. They'll get over it.

    inculatedly yours,